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Having trouble sleeping? You’re not alone. Many people find it hard to get enough sleep at night because of stress, health condition, or some other factor. The good news is, you can always pop a “sleeping pill” (a.k.a. melatonin pill) and be on your merry way to dreamland. Now, of all the melatonin product reviews you’ll see online, you’re much more likely to see more positive GNC Melatonin reviews than negative ones. That’s not because GNC is much more efficient in its marketing efforts; it’s just that surveys of GNC melatonin users reveal a much higher customer satisfaction rate compared to other melatonin products in the market.

GNC Melatonin Products

GNC stands for General Nutrition Company, and it specializes in providing many types of vitamins and other health supplements. The Pittsburg-based company has been in business since the mid-1930s, and it also offers melatonin products as well. The GNC melatonin offerings include:

GNC Melatonin 1 Vegetarian Lozenges They come in packs of 60 or 120, and each lozenge contains just a single milligram of melatonin. The lozenges are chewable and come in a nice cherry flavor. You can also place it under your tongue and let it dissolve. They’ve very “natural”, and they don’t contain any sugar, artificial colors or flavors, soy, dairy, preservatives, sodium, wheat, gluten, or yeast. A lot of parents swear by this product, although you really should get your doctor’s approval first before taking it. The low dose is best for those who just need an extra help in order to get a good night’s sleep. GNC Melatonin 1

GNC Melatonin 3 Adults have stated in their melatonin product reviews that GNC Melatonin 3 is quite effective. The 3 in the name signifies that it contains 3 mg of melatonin. It doesn’t really drug you per se; you just get that fuzzy feeling as if your mind is finally exhausted. Those who suffer from anxious thoughts also report that that their thoughts slow down enough to enable them to sleep. It also takes effect in about half an hour or so, so you should take it immediately right before bedtime. Many users do not recommend that you take it with alcohol. GNC Melatonin 3

GNC Melatonin 5 Despite the fact that it contains 5mg of melatonin, most people who use it say that it works fine for them. More importantly, there’s no drugged or groggy morning after feeling either. GNC Melatonin 5mg

The “New” GNC Melatonin It contains 10 mg of melatonin, so it’s the most potent among the GNC melatonin offerings. You really should seek approval from your doctor first before deciding to buy this product, and there’s no way this should be taken by children, ever! GNC Melatonin 10

Just about all the melatonin product reviews concerning GNC agree that the tablets are so effective you don’t really want to take it when you’re driving or operating heavy machinery. There’s some debate about usage by children though. While the GNC packaging clearly states that it should be kept out of reach of children, your child’s doctor may prescribe one of the lower dosage GNC melatonin products for him or her.