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One of the key factors when deciding upon using melatonin as an aid to helping to get to sleep is to become knowledgeable of its side effects. While melatonin is in fact one of the top natural sleep aids that are available, as with any other supplements it must be taken in moderation. In addition to taking melatonin exclusively as an additional sleep aid, keep in mind that melatonin itself exists naturally in the body so only a certain amount should be taken as an aid for insomnia or any other sleep ailments.

Some other side effects from melatonin that are known to be associated with the sleep aid include nightmares. To a much lesser extent however, while melatonin is in fact one of the more effective herbal supplements to help in being able to get to sleep faster, one rare side effect of melatonin is restlessness or not being able to go to sleep at all.

If for at any time any side effect of melatonin is experienced such as nausea or stomach irritability, one step is to either decrease to the amount that is taken prior to going to sleep, or to stop taking altogether. Alongside stomach irritability, there are many other purported side effects from melatonin such as dizziness and being tired during the day. This can result in a feeling of “sluggishness” or drowsiness. If in fact, fatigue does happen during hours of activity, it is generally a good idea to cut back the amount of melatonin that is taken and the resume with a smaller dosage.

Melatonin is also not recommended for women who are pregnant as well as for people who are on any certain type of medication. If sleepiness does in fact affect anyone who is on special medication, the best thing to do is consult with a physician and have them give proper treatment for sleeplessness or insomnia.

While most of the side effects from melatonin that are mentioned can in fact occur, the actual benefits from the sleep aid are reported by many who use it to be quite effective and can help most people who are suffering from not being able to get to sleep at all. Being aware of the side effects, however, can definitely be an advantage if for any reason at all anyone may experience these problems while taking melatonin.