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Melatonin is natural hormone produced by the small glands in the brain which is called as the pineal gland. Melatonin is part of circadian rhythm in the body commonly known as the sleep-awake cycle.  This control the cycle in daily basis by certain chemical variation, and the secretion of the melatonin depends with the light and the highest is in the middle of the night.

Melatonin is also known to possess some antioxidant properties which may increase the longevity in human. Melatonin also has potential to prevent DNA damaged through certain carcinogens. Hormone is also recognized to interact with immune system and has suggested by a few to potent immune boosters. This can also be encouraged to be vivid dreams at the same time as you sleep. But one of the most essential contributions of melatonin in human body is the ability of having a sound sleep.

Natural secretions of melatonin may lessen the age and the cause of insomnia most specially to adults more than 50 years. Under these cases, melatonin doses have been act effective sleeping aids. Doses of the supplemental melatonin have also prescribed for patient with the narcolepsy or severe sleep disorder.

This helps people with the sleeping difficulties to snooze by acting as mild hypnotic. This increases the melatonin level of the blood before the brain does it. This is normally taken thirty to ninety minutes before you sleep.  Liquid melatonin is better substitute to the solid medication as this easily absorbed the blood stream.

Liquid melatonin isn’t a habit forming drugs and isn’t addictive. This is considered rather as dietary supplement and is safe to be taken even every day. Furthermore, it doesn’t cause the feeling of hang-over that sleeping medications can cause the next morning.

On the other hand, the use of melatonin must be limited to adult. Though there are some liquid melatonin supplement available for kids and toddlers, the use isn’t advisable.  Lactating and pregnant women as well as patient diagnosed with brain disorder, schizophrenia, lymphoma and leukemia are advised not to have the melatonin supplements unless otherwise recommended. And people that have high blood pressure or those under the prescribed medication must consult the he4alth care professional before they start to take liquid melatonin doses.

Apart from it, the use of sleeping aid and other liquid melatonin supplement can be helpful as well for several other disorders. This has been seen that the melatonin supplement can boosts the fertility in women and this can also be helpful to alleviate their mood swing and depression connected to menopause or their menstrual period. This can be use as well as supplements to stop migraines and cluster headaches.